Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Terrible Day

Today was one of those days. First thing this morning, I heard from CSU that Blackboard will not be available to me until the first week of school, when I am already very busy teaching two classes at IVC. I'll have to stop and set up my Blackboard site at that point, along with everything else I have to do.
Then I went to campus to deliver my syllabus and information sheet, and ran into the dean. She said that the student I was concerned about and his father had been harassing her (she didn't use that word though) all break, and that they were insistent about pushing through the grade grievance to the end. She wanted me to meet with this student along with her because the department chairs hadn't done it. Instead, one of them discussed the issue with me a few weeks ago, to his satisfaction, and left it at that.
But it wasn't to the student's satisfaction, or his father's, so they are insisting that I am inconsistent and basically out to get this student for some reason, and I will have to go before a tribunal and defend myself.
The dean never got the email I sent weeks ago. I wondered why she never replied to it. I must have left a letter off of her name.
But when I looked over his grade report, I saw that the ONLY reason he did not squeak by with a C- was that he did not do 17 out of 29 homework assignments during the semester. This sank him, and he received a D.
The big red zeroes tell the tale.


marly said...

Let it be water off the duck's back. All will be well.

Robbi said...

I hope so.

Robin said...

Hang in there! I am sure you will prevail in this! Like you wrote, the zeros speak for themselves, and I believe it will be very hard for this student and his father to provide a strong argument given the obvious irresponsibility and/ or laziness of the student.

Robbi said...

I hope so. I think I am in for some other discussions too.

marlyat2 said...

It's just a time-waster. You have done nothing wrong, and the student will just be informing his father of irresponsibility... Sad, really.