Monday, July 12, 2010

Richard's B-day, Sushilicious, UCI library, etc.

It's been a full (yoga-less) day. This morning early I headed over to UCI library to find the books I'd scouted out online and in the library catalog. All but one were in, so I picked them up, plus a nice fat summer read, what looks to be another dark fantasy by A.S. Byatt. I was engrossed from the second I opened it, though I haven't had time to get very far.
Then I went to work at the Center, but very few students interrupted my reading. Instead, it was the Administration office, calling to chew us out for the latest error a new instructor has made, sending students to Admissions and Records to sign up for the Writing Center. Today was the last day they could sign up. They were lined up in the Center, looking concerned, but all of it was eventually straightened out. I also had to do a few grade changes for students from last semester's Writing Center, who had completed their hours but were accidentally given no credit.
After that, I met my colleague who covered for me last semester while I was out taking care of my father's funeral (and my mother's too, though I didn't take off extra time for that). We went to Sushilicious and tucked into a lunch special including a wonderful Japanese curry croquette, in addition to the sushi. We decided to head up to Yogurtland and the Korean market after that for a little produce shopping and yogurt. Fun.
Though R had told me he was going to be out playing golf till 8 PM, he was home at 4 when I got there, as was J. Too windy for golf today, he said. I just fixed the peach cobbler he requested. Outstanding!
Last night's crab cakes were good too. Anyone want the recipe?


Lou said...

It is tricky managing the Center by email, so thank you for signing the change of grade form today.

Robbi said...

You're welcome. I wasn't sure I could do that; I thought perhaps the person responsible for that individual student had to, but I signed it when it seemed that didn't matter.