Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wonderful Summer Evening

Yesterday I couldn't go to yoga in the morning, so I went in the late afternoon in Laguna. Laguna traffic is a nightmare in the summer. There's only a few routes through the town, and all are congested, particularly PCH, the main drag, where beachgoers congregate, crossing against the light, buses and firetrucks endeavor to get through, and routine traffic creeps along at 10-20 mph in the center of town. People randomly stop, trying to make illegal left turns, and clog traffic further. It took me nearly half an hour to make it down the small stretch from downtown to South Laguna, but I made it to class in time, and enjoyed it very much. It was taught by a fellow yoga classmate of mine because the regular teacher is having a baby and will be out till October. So there weren't many people, but it was a splendid class, and I felt magnificent driving home in the cool early evening. Lucky for me, there wasn't nearly as much traffic either.
At home I fixed a lovely potato salad with pickles in it and chickpea bourekas (frozen, I admit it). On the side, a great summery salad with butter lettuce, avocados, and lovely grape tomatoes. I usually don't like them, but they tasted splendid with the other ingredients and a dressing I made of pomegranate, sweet lemon, and olive oil.


Robin said...

What a great evening! I'm glad you could get away to Laguna and enjoy your yoga class. Let me know when you want to spend a day or afternoon on the beach. We could have a picnic, if you want!

Robbi said...

I'd like that.