Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Days Aren't Lazy

I remember as a child and a teen sitting out on the hot cement stoop waiting for the ice cream truck, or just looking up at the small sliver of sky allotted me in Philadelphia. I didn't realize that one day, I'd live in California, with more than my share of sky. In fact, that is the first thing that struck me when I came out here. It was even a little bit scary. I felt vulnerable, with all this wide scope of cloud and sky above me, after living hemmed in by buildings and trees for my whole life on the east coast.
This summer, I am getting an opportunity to spend some time under that sky. Besides our trip to the Zoo and Wild Animal Park, I have decided to start walking to and from work on the two days I work this session. It's 6 miles altogether. I found that it takes, at my slow pace, shlepping the books and purse I carry, one and one quarter hour to get there. It doesn't help that the book I am taking to read is fat and heavy, but I am anxious to finish it before I have to return it to the library, so it comes with me.

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