Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Autumn Day

It is one of those very mellow and rich late summer days that show the season to be a harbinger of fall more than the remnants of summer. Though the temperature is still high and, deceptively, flowers continue to bloom, with bees continuing to visit them, something in the air has definitely turned.
When I first came out here, I marveled that there were no seasons in this part of the world. I had to learn to see, smell, and feel those subtle turnings of season. It's true, the flaming reds and yellows of a temperate fall were not present, but the dryness and slightly more humid heat, the smell of the air, the unfortunate burning on the hillsides that sometimes erupted were all something apart from the experience of high summer.
If I ever do move back to a temperate climate, which is entirely possible, at some point, it will be a shock for me at first.

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