Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Party Like It's the End of the World

This weekend I didn't think about work too much. I let go and relaxed, partied, pretended I didn't have a responsibility in the world. It felt good, but it left me feeling vaguely as if I had left the iron plugged into the wall or something that would catch up to me soon. Truthfully, I had the assignment for class pretty squared away, but more holidays are coming up, and I will be occupied, so I could have, I suppose, been working toward those days when I will not be able to work. But I enjoyed being the grasshopper this time instead of the constant ant.
I learned that my good friends, M and R, will be leaving this state, and moving far away. I will miss them. It struck me how much, when they told me of their immanent departure. But I don't blame them. If it had not been for Jeremy and my need for a particular kind of yoga and a particular kind of synagogue and a place to work, we would have been leaving for VA too.


Lou said...

Your idea of "partying" sounded enriching to me!

Robbi said...

Yes. I wasn't too specific about what I did, and I guess that's because it wasn't anything special, just the usual--yoga, shopping, having dinner with friends, puttering around, shopping, cooking. It just felt good.And today I have plenty of homework to grade and my high holiday music to organize, so I guess just in time!