Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busy Weekend

Last I went to another event at the synagogue. It was a reading of the play My Name is Asher Lev (originally a novel by Chaim Potok). The play (and novel) concern an Orthodox Jewish young man who is an artistic prodigy, a painter. The problem is, this is not something the Orthodox community particularly understands or appreciates since the Torah is wary of representations of living beings, particularly if they are "not respectful"--i.e.: nude, critical of authority figures, etc. So much of artistic tradition is off-limits for them. But this kid cannot squelch his artistic ability and urges, so this causes a rift with his family and culture.
The play brings up a lot of interesting things about the clash between individual/collective culture and religious/secular traditions. The acting was really wonderful, especially given that there were only 3 actors on the stage, who did not change costumes, and all except for the man who played Asher Lev, they had to create the impression of several characters by dint of changing their voices, postures, etc.
If I had not been so tired from the previous night's service (the interfaith dinner with the members of the Pacific Institute), I would have stayed and sung in the Selichot service, which started at 10:45 PM.
This morning I went on to Denise's yoga class, which is always fun, and to a Labor Day Sale at Steinmart!!! Big bargains!

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