Sunday, September 12, 2010


Last night a merry crew, R and M, Liz, and I, went to Santa Ana's Great Art Theater to see a theatrical production of The Pirates of Penzance by Cal State Fullerton's theater department. It was a tiny theater, intimate and informal, that showcased the energy and talents of the cast, who entertained us before the show with bad pirate jokes and feats of balloon sword-making that prepared us admirably for the classic silliness of Gilbert and Sullivan's show, with its excellent lyrics, beloved of many a wordfiend like myself.
Though the vocal skills of some of the major characters, notably the woman who played Mabel, the love-interest of the main character, Frederick, were not top-notch, most of the performers performed ably, particularly the Major General, who is has been a member of the official company that performs Gilbert and Sullivan shows, according to the program. His rendition of "Modern Major General" was masterful, double quick, but with clear and excellent diction.
For the pittance we spent for the tickets, we could not have spent a better Saturday evening, and I am so glad I went. I recommend the company's shows to you. They will be moving soon to a nearby location. The next show will be Bell Book and Candle. I hope to be there!


Lou said...

CSUF has done wonders with downtown Santa Ana. So glad you went and supported their efforts.

Robbi said...

It was my pleasure! The peewees would have loved it!