Sunday, September 12, 2010

Star of the Show?

Today I had a very special and interesting experience. I finally got to read my yoga poems to students of yoga during an emotional stability workshop at Denise's house. Afterwards, and in between too, they told me how much the poems added to their experience, and how they were sure others would like to see and own the book. Of course, there is no book yet, but I felt really good because this is what I hoped for all along, this and the pleasure of having Mr. Iyengar receive a copy. I am not sure when that will happen, or if it ever will, since it is not so easy to get books of poetry published, but I'm hoping this bodes well for the effort. I'm looking forward to Nina finishing the illustrations, so I can get this well and truly on the road.


Lou said...

What a delight!

Robbi said...

Yes. It would truly be what I hoped for if it actually could happen the way I'd imagined.