Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The semester is converging on me, feeling as though I have my head caught in a vise. If there is a friend out there who can help me take care of a few mundane tasks, such as returning overdue books to UCI library, I would so much appreciate it.
There are papers and study questions calling my name at the moment, and I have to make up a sample thesis and plan about District 9. Oh and I guess I ought to think about eating.


marly said...


I sympathize, being a bit overbooked, but I cannot take your books to the library--being on the wrong coast. Do let people help you, as you have been having quite a hard time.


Robbi said...

Thanks Marly. I am unused to be indisposed. Generally, I have enough energy for 5 people, as anyone who knows me can attest. But I am about out of it right now.
I will let anyone help me who wants to, and have enlisted my family and friends to sort my parents' things, and whatever else comes to mind.
Right now I have a lot of shredding to do. Anyone who wants can just make an offer. I bought a nice new shredder that will make it a pleasant job.