Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday in class, the first draft was due, a day when many students simply don't show up. But everyone who has been coming regularly was there--and then some. They gave me a card signed by all of them, with lovely personal notes saying how impressed they are by me and how I am a role model for them and how much they appreciated me returning to work after my parents' death. So if I ever feel as though I am throwing pearls before the proverbial swine, I will remember that. They listen so closely, and they try so hard, with a few exceptions.


Rebel Girl said...

How inpsiring. Yes, they DO work hard (some of them), doing what they can with what they have. I am happy for you - and for them that they have you as their teacher.

Robbi said...

Thank you Reb. I can only aspire to be as kind to them as you are.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely, Robbi. Teaching at its best, and sometimes students learn more from how we are than what we say. Some of my best teachers taught me a lot about how it is possible to live a life.
This has got to affirm your love of teaching.

the other L

Anonymous said...

Wow, what respect your studnets have shown you. I also, am impressed, and imspired by you that, you are able to work. Although, I can see and feel your pain yesterday, you are amazing. There is hope for the future.


Need a laugh, for the password, verification, I got sperm again,lol.

marly said...

Ah. That was good. We people do care about one another, though it doesn't always show.

The pearls before swine image: that's a phrase made famous by the New Testament, you know--a hyperbolic, literary expression. He didn't mean that some people were just pigs but that some things are very precious and shouldn't be shared in a setting where they will simply be trampled underfoot as of no worth.

And I imagine that sometimes the classroom can feel that way... But I'm very glad that your students proved themselves worthy of a few pearls!

Lou said...

How nice that they showed their feelings like that because it was a boost you deserve!

Robbi said...

I guess I knew that about that expression, certainly that it came from the New Testament, which I have at one time or another read. Sometimes it DOES feel as though you are exposing things you think are precious to ridicule from people who do not respect them.
However, I did see that they ARE listening and DO appreciate any sacrifice I made for them. It has actually helped me too. What would I do if I sat at home?
Thanks Beth for your praise, and Lou, and L.

marly said...

Hope your coming days are full of little touches like this! xo

Robbi said...

Thank you. Wish you were around so we could spend some time together too.