Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sick of Waiting

I am tired of waiting for the illustrator to do a yoga drawing. Tired of waiting for just the right chapbook contest to send the collection to. I started sending queries to yoga book publishers. I already got two not interested replies. One wished me luck finding a publisher. The other told me to try poetry book publishers instead. That's the problem with a hybrid; it doesn't belong anywhere. I guess you could say the same of most things I do.
Any suggestions???


Lou said...

My only suggestion is to keep looking. There's a home out there.

Robbi said...

Yep. I guess so.

Robbi said...

I was thinking of offering the illustrator money so she would have time to do a drawing. At least if I could get a drawing, maybe someone would let me do a full reading, showing the illustrations behind me. Maybe I could get a publisher that way.

Robin said...

How frustrating! Like other friends, I would only say keep looking. Publishers who publish books with poetry that you like, or that remind you of yours might be a good bet. Sort of like trying to send a poem to an anthology that seems to like/publish poets like you. I don't know if the two can be compared, or even if it's possible to get a hold of books from specific publishers in a library reading room, etc. Or just look at poetry books in a library, etc. and make note of publishers of the ones you like. You're probably doing some of this, anyway, though.

Whatever you do, the process of publishing a book probably will involve a lot of misses before you find the right publisher. That's my guess, anyway.

How do friends of yours who have had their books of poetry published find their publishers?

Robbi said...

Marly will have to comment on that one! The thing is, with the yoga poems, no one, practically, has done this, so I can't really compare it to anyone else's stuff. That's what is hard about it.