Saturday, June 19, 2010


I'll have to get a new picture to put up in the header. If I could find the cable for the camera, I'd get Richard or Jeremy to take one, or I thought about taking Beth up on the request that I put the picture of me, my parents, and my cousin back up. Perhaps I'll do that tomorrow.
I had a rocky morning because I suddenly remembered that I didn't take my mother's wedding ring when she died. I regret that so much, but there is nothing I can do now. I regret that we lost my grandmother's rings too in the old house, buried somewhere by mom. And they were diamonds. Oh well.
But mostly I was thinking about her, about her face and her soft, small hands, wearing those gold rings with Hebrew inscriptions on them. I never saw her hands without those rings.
In all the shock and the rush to get things out of the board and care and to do the burials, I just didn't have time to feel a lot, and now it is catching up with me a bit.
I went to yoga, and that was good, though. And I will go tomorrow too.


Lou said...

But wait, where are your mother's rings? The people who handled the cremation should have asked you about any clothing and jewelry. Those rings have to be somewhere.

Robbi said...

No one asked me about anything. I can call them, but if someone (the caregiver, one of the hospice people, etc.) took her rings, there is nothing I can do to prove it. And when I told Susie she could have my parents' things, she might have interpreted it as meaning those too.

Robbi said...

But there are many things packed in the spare room that I have not had the strength to go through yet. If I went through them, the rings might be there, with small things like the hearing aids, that Susie told me she packed.