Friday, June 25, 2010


I was grading papers and while at work on the paper a particularly brown-nosing girl in the class had written, I came across a page torn out of a puzzle book that she was apparently working on while in my class sometime, pretending to take notes. She had written in the margins of the puzzle quite clearly. "This class is boring. I am bored in English class." Hello. This is the same student who asks me to spend extra time with her, going over her drafts and explaining what she can do to improve them, which she then does not do.
I gracefully tucked the puzzle back into her folder on the top. Was that mean? Maybe. But now she will know I got the message.


Lou said...

Not mean at all. I'd have done the same. And about what she wrote--students are young and their vocabularies are minimal. At this age, they seem programmed to identify their response as "bored." But that word means a number of things, including "I can't follow" and "I'm supposed to be bored at my age."

Robbi said...

I know. Besides, she wasn't even listening. How would she know?