Monday, June 28, 2010

Putting on the breaks

Like a heavy piece of machinery, the semester is beginning the process of coming to a halt. Just as a subway train or locomotive takes some time to stop, so does this ungainly beast.

We have two more days to discuss The Metamorphosis and the secondary essay they must use to write their essay. It is not enough, not even for the best students, but would have been had they read the text last week, while they were still writing and preparing to turn in paper 2. But all but about 2 of them did not do that. So now we are left with insufficient time to do the remaining work.
I have given a lot of homework tonight and tomorrow, trying to prepare them to write the essay in class on Thursday, but there were several absences, people who had the ability to do it, and some who were there physically, were obviously not there mentally. I had lots of fiddling with phones, sleeping, dubious looks coming from the class. I pressed forward anyway. Like the train, I have a schedule to keep.


Lou said...

Love the train metaphor. Six weeks is just not enough time, and at the beginning, no one seems to know that yet.

Robbi said...

Yes. That is especially so this semester, when I was not there for fully 2 weeks.