Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The House

One thing that is better is the house. Over the weekend, as promised, R put together that bookcase he gave me. I took all the books and papers up off the floor. Amazing how much bigger the room seems now! The empty room also is beginning to look inhabited. R put Jeremy's pots and bowls (the ceramics he made in high school) up on the shelves, where there are no books yet, and it looks lovely. If I knew where the cable was, I would take a picture.
Next a wooden filing cabinet, DVD shelves, and maybe a nice chair. Eventually I would like to move it all into a different place, one that belongs to us. But for the moment, this helps.


Anonymous said...

Nice Robbi. After my son moved his stuff out yesterday, I painted the walls(touch up) and I spot cleaned the carpet. I am having in cleaned by a profesional on Friday. I moved a couch into the room and a table and TV. It is my retreat room.

Robbi said...

Sounds good Beth.