Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I got back all those drafts to the students today, but tomorrow afternoon, I get the final papers. And I started teaching The Metamorphosis in earnest. Of course, I have taught it so many times, that doesn't really take a lot of preparation, and that's a relief after teaching two works I hadn't done before. There are lots of things in my files--study questions, lessons, sample analysis of quotations, etc. that I can use in class. That's good because I'm fresh out of energy.
My yoga teacher took me aside in class yesterday morning and told me that she had taken care of her dad for 7 years before losing him, and when he went, she was the most exhausted she had ever been in her life. She advised me not to take on any new responsibilities for a while, and to let myself off the hook about small tasks like cooking dinner, etc.
I'm way ahead of her, but it is a relief to have someone else tell me this, to give permission to just let go of things for a while.


Lou said...

Good for your yoga teacher.

marly said...

She's exactly right. Go do some things that refresh you--even silly ones. Maybe mostly silly ones! Company pickups start today... talk to you later!

Robbi said...

I want to take the train down to the zoo. That always refreshes me. But it will have to wait till after this semester is over. Luckily, that's only one more week!