Thursday, June 17, 2010


After I finished the yoga series, in a great burst of optimism, I wrote to Mark Axelrod at Chapman University and sent him some, asking for a reading. I knew they had reading series--more than one, actually. So I thought maybe I could do half a reading at least. I am tired of going to open mics and doing one poem or maybe two if I am lucky. I want to spread out and make an impression, take things for a spin.
Axelrod liked the poems a lot, and told me back then to wait till summer and email the person who runs the reading series there. I did, but it seems that people without published books need not apply. She told me to try open mics.
I wanted to scream. But what is the use. I politely told her I would finish my book then get back to her. Of course I know that even once it is finished, getting a publisher is not a simple task.


marly said...

There are more and more smaller publishing outlets I think--picking up the slack as the mainstream houses and university presses cut back on poetry. You joined that listserve I mentioned, right?

Robbi said...

Yes Marly. I have sent out the chapbook to contests, but without illustrations, those innocent of yoga are likely not to bite, I think.
I haven't put the full manuscript in shape to send out yet, but when I do, I am likely to wait for the bigger contests to send it to, the ones from University Presses, for example. But I know from your example that a small independent press can be a good alternative.
I can see whether the folks at the Iyengar Institute are interested in publishing it. They have many artists capable of doing the illustrations at their beck and call. Of course, poetry people are not so likely to buy the book if they publish it, but maybe that won't matter.

Robin said...

The lyengar institute people sounds like a great opportunity. And, once you get the illustrations, hopefully with their help, I have no doubt poets will be able to appreciate the book.

Robbi said...

We'll see whether the Institute is even interested in it. I haven't heard back from my yoga teacher, who is in India studying with the Iyengars, just yet.