Sunday, June 6, 2010

The other shoe

I just had a call from Susie, the caregiver. My mother is gone now. I am going to the house to take care of business. I wish she could be buried with my father. However, because of bureaucracy, she cannot. I don't know what I will do next.


Robin said...

I am so sorry about your mother, Robbi! I hope she did not suffer too much, and her burial preparations go smoothly! Please don't think of adding more stress to yourself by trying to go back to school tomorrow, or taking on any unnecessary obligations.

Anonymous said...

What!!! Oh my! Robbi, I am so sorry. Talk, with your Rabbi and see what he suggest.


Lou said...

Oh, Robbi. I wish for you, too, that both burials could happen today. Your mom is at peace now. Perhaps the hospice social worker can call the Neptune Society for you?

Robbi said...

Thanks my friends.

Anonymous said...

Sister Robbi,

I have felt terrible for you all day. You said on Wed that, your mom was saying that, your dad was calling her, she was right :)
I am happy for you that, this is all over and that, your parents suffering is over.


marly said...

Dear Robinka,

I've been traveling and missed this--I hope all is going as smoothly as possible and that you're finding some comfort (as well as stress) in doing those needful things that must be done.

A pile of e-hugs to you!

And do take some time off. You're sturdy, but this is onslaught.