Monday, May 31, 2010

More and More

Today after yoga class, I went over to my dad's house to take him out, as per his request. I needed to go grocery shopping, so I decided to go up to Henry's, in Laguna Niguel, where he likes to go. But he wasn't feeling well in the car. He thought he might have to go to the bathroom.
After we started shopping, even after he went to the bathroom, his stomachache got worse and worse. I thought he might have appendicitis, and I wondered if hospice would keep him out of the hospital, even for this. So I went home with him right away, as fast as I could, and talked to the nurse, who, it turns out, is another yoga fan, though she does a different style. She knows my teachers, but goes to different ones.
I told her that VA had called me a few days ago and said he had a Urinary infection, but I figured that hospice would have tracked it and would be treating it. It turns out hospice doesn't treat that stuff either, so I requested that the nurse practitioner call it in, and we would pay for it. Next time, I will let VA pay for it, since they are willing to do it. He has chronic infections, so there probably will be a next time.
So there I was, $80. worth of food getting warm in the car (I put the fish, meat, and eggs and other perishables in their fridge there, and forgot half of it when I went home), standing between two ailing parents, my dad moaning and in pain, my mom a mere bundle of sticks, her legs drawn up to her chest, making inarticulate noises.
You could say I am having a difficult weekend, but I don't think it will be over tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Darn, I am sorry, your Dad was not treated sooner. Now that, pissed me off.


Robbi said...

It's my fault. I could have taken him to the VA. They wanted to give me some meds. But I assumed (wrongly) that hospice was treating him! I won't ever make that mistake again. I'm glad he wasn't hurt worse.

mym said...

Ah, Robbi, I go away for a few days and so much happens.

But I'm glad Richard has helped you nest...

Robbi said...

Yes Marly. Things happen.