Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to Work With a Vengence!

The new week of work as usual started off with a bang with my parents' driver calling to tell me I had mentioned an appointment for some kind of scan for dad this Monday. It's mysterious. I can't find any evidence of it at all. Supposedly, I told her to put it on her calendar, but didn't put it on mine, and UCI seems to have no record of it in their system. First thing this morning, I began calling all over to find out if anyone knew what it was, and didn't learn anything.
Then the vet says that my cat has to go to the dentist this coming Friday, and has to be anesthetized this time. In the past, because he's such a sweet cat, he's been merely held down and had his teeth brushed, but this time, the gums are pretty bad, so he has to be put out to have the cleaning done. I have to starve him, and I'm sure he'll yowl all night and wake us both.
That day I also have to take my mom for a CT scan of her brain and chest to Hoag, so I will be busy and stressed. And next week there will be drafts that the students seem ill prepared to write.


marly said...

Why don't you move the cat date to an "empty" (I know there aren't any, but there are probably some that are better) day?

Lou said...

Oh what a week!

Robbi said...

The scan for my mom is the following Friday, not this one. Seems I put the note on the wrong day! Thank goodness for small favors.