Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some News About Mom

Mom's sudden dip in cognitive abilities was so abrupt that I knew something was not right, in a different sense from the degenerative condition I was aware she had. It turned out that a bladder infection had caused her sudden decrease in awareness. Once it was treated, she came back to her old self. First she started complaining, then she remembered my uncle, and then she stopped hallucinating in quite the constant way she had been. Now we can take her places again. If she stops complaining about her neck and back. Today we will take her with us when we go out to eat at an all you can eat soup and salad place with Jeremy. He lives next door to it, but cannot afford to go because it is expensive, relatively speaking. We will treat, and everyone will go.


marly said...

Trala, life may be often difficult but is full of tiny good endings still. Glad she is feeling herself again.

Lou said...

Good news, indeed. I hope your soup and salad was delicious.

Robbi said...

Thanks guys. Everyone enjoyed the meal, especially my dad. Mom ate mostly by herself. Everyone went away full and happy.