Thursday, March 11, 2010

Starting Off the Break with A Bang

After work today at 1, spring break began with me. After grading papers for a while, I went to ropes yoga class in Laguna, where I met R & M for supper after class. Meanwhile, Richard went to play billiards, and he is still there! The yoga class was exciting. We started with ropes headstand, which is tough for me to get into because I am so much shorter than everyone else that the ropes do not come to the same places on me that they go on everyone else, so I must stand up on my tiptoes on blocks and then climb up the wall and hang upside down in the ropes. We also do an interesting forward bend or downward dog sort of thing with our legs up on the wall while our hands touched chairs. It was rather tough to get into also.
Then I changed my clothes and went to eat fish and calamari tacos and a cup of tea with muffin. I'm quite full. I might have heartburn all night, but I enjoyed myself!
Tomorrow, more yoga and shopping at the farmer's market.


Lou said...

That image of you getting into the ropes is vivid!

Robbi said...

There was a person walking by the room when we were hanging upside down "like bats," as Bob put it, and she stood there for a minute or so with her mouth open before walking on.