Thursday, March 11, 2010

Summer Class

I will be teaching both summer sessions again this year--Writing 1, like last year. Those classes brought me some good students when I taught Writing 2 during the rest of the year. This year I've got a new curriculum that I'm calling Transformations. It contains narratives about... what else? Transformations! I got the idea from Marly's anthology, The Beastly Bride, and thought about teaching it, but instead decided to go with my three-text usual, including 2 short literary works (it is after all a 6 week class, though it happens 4 days per week during that period) and a film. That seems to go over pretty well.
The first work is Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, then District 9, then The Metamorphosis (Kafka). I've taught the last of these a number of times, and am ready to go with it. I have never taught the others, but I spent some time rereading and researching Stevenson yesterday, and I will do that for District 9 soon.
I find that students like Metamorphosis, particularly since I emphasize its oddball humor, and they identify with the character. District 9 should be interesting, and coming from a South African background (my mother was born in Capetown and my uncle and aunt were in the ANC with Mandela, were arrested and tortured and sentenced to death; if they hadn't fled, they would have been executed), I probably am more qualified than most to talk about it.
Should be an interesting class!


marly said...

Hah! Great idea. It sounds like fun and the sort of thing that will be sure to appeal.

Lou said...

The class sounds interesting and fun!

Robbi said...

I think it will appeal and that students will learn a lot. I probably will too!

Rebel Girl said...

sounds great!