Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yesterday, my blog sister Lou wrote about her 10 year old grandson's experience at a birthday party for a neighboring friend of his. The parents brought a truck full of video games to their house and let the kids play their fill. Apparently, some of these games were obscenely violent and reflected repulsive attitudes toward human life (such as total lack of respect for it). One taught us all a lesson we would rather not have learned (especially the child) by featuring a form of necrophilia/rape/power-sexuality none of us had ever thought about before called "tea bagging."
When I read about this, I realized that the behavior we have seen in New Orleans after Katrina and elsewhere, where a number of people raped, murdered, looted, and went wild committing crimes, is not an anomaly, but a potentiality for many if not most of us.
The world we live in has a thin veneer of "civilization" with frightening things beneath, like the magma just under the surface of a dormant volcano.


Lou said...

Scarier still is the fact that teabagging is not actually IN the video game Halo. Players themselves manipulate their action figures to perform these acts.

Robbi said...

I didn't realize that. It IS frightening. What do those parents teach their kids? What do they allow them to watch that teaches them this sort of thing?
We shouldn't be surprised at the behavior of those in charge of Abu Graib.