Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Writerly News

Of our few select blog readers, two have had good news about their writing lately. Reb has been included in a new anthology of Latino writers, and is receiving much attention for the work contained therein. She is also at work on an anthology of Orange County writing--writing about the region, that is. I include a link below for the first.
Marly is always busy writing and receiving accolades for her work, not sought. People seek her out at this point. She even has her own Wikipedia page! I include a link to that page:
I cannot keep up with all her book, prize, and publication news, so I include a link to her blog here. Hope you don't mind, Marly.


Lou said...

Congratulations all around!

Robbi said...


liz said...

Wonderful news.
Writing is so solitary, inner directed, disciplined and important.
...I am in awe of all of you folks.

Robbi said...

I am proud of their good work!