Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday and the week is dwindling

I have enjoyed my week of break so much that I am sorry to see it quickly coming to an end. Today I will take my parents somewhere, perhaps the Sherman Gardens in Corona Del Mar, and then go to ropes yoga class in Laguna Beach late this afternoon. It is possible, vaguely, that I will go to Liz's house and make dumplings from my new Asian Dumpling cookbook, as I thought we'd manage sometime this week, or else that's way too ambitious. Even if I don't, there are things I need to do, from taking the cat to the vet to other errands. It's nice at least to have time that is not already pre-committed.


Rebel Girl said...

Yes, the week went fast. You have made the most of it though.

Robbi said...

Yes Reb. I think most of us have.