Monday, March 15, 2010


Lately I have been reading quite a bit. In addition to the things I am thinking of teaching, such as Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, I have been reading Lisa See's new novel, Shanghai Girls (wonderful!) and am now reading Chabon's book about being a father. It is endearing. He stayed with us when he first came to UCI, and I found him really warm and easy to talk to. He is charming and as intelligent as he seems to be in his books. I like the book so far. I am also reading Solaris, by Stanislaus Lem. I will be showing the film in a few weeks, and have read the book before, but I am thinking about substituting it for Oates' story next fall if I decide to teach the adaptation class again. If I do, the class will have to be substantially different in form. Otherwise, it might just be a film class, either in Kubrick or Altman. Either one will provide lots of interesting, rich films to watch, discuss, and write about. One option for the paper could be an adaptation essay, but that will only be one way to go.
I just bought the cats a new food, which is 100% protein. Wow it was expensive ($52.00+ tax for 15 lbs)! But they love it, and it doesn't make them sick. I will vary the two foods so they won't get the same thing all the time. I think it has fewer calories than the other food, which is good for Whistler.

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Lou said...

How rich your reading life is right now.