Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gorgeous Day at the Beach

I managed to get out of bed early and took my parents to the farmer's market in Irvine this morning to buy fish and some other things, then shot over to Laguna for an 11:30 yoga class. It was cold and cloudy in the morning, and only beginning to clear up when I arrived at the class. But by the time I got out, at about 1, it was gorgeous and balmy, and the streets were full of people standing around, chatting, looking at the ocean and blocking traffic. I didn't mind. It was lovely to loll around waiting for people to cross the street, watching the v-formations of pelicans fly so low overhead as I waited. But even they couldn't beat the egret I passed this morning on my way up Trabuco, with its feet so low to the ground they almost touched the hood of my car as it flew over.
I came home and cooked up the purple potatoes and corvina (fish) I bought at the farmer's market in butter, garlic, and lemon juice, with pink Hawaiian sea salt and fresh pepper. Yum.


Lou said...

A beautiful day all around!

Robbi said...

Yes it was!