Monday, March 1, 2010

First paper set returned

Today, very belatedly, I gave back the first paper set to the students. Predictably, some were not very happy with their grades. I told them about my rule of not speaking to students about their papers until 24 hours and a thorough reviewing of the papers have occurred. I expect some of them will drop, as they will be indignant that they got these grades. That always happens. If they were listening and paying attention to what I have been saying and the models I have been discussing these past weeks, even today, they will know why they got the grades they did.
It wasn't a bad set of papers. There was an A, an A-, two B+s, a B, and a B-. The majority of the grades were in the C range though. Despite the many days and hours I spent discussing the assignment, they still had trouble understanding they were supposed to be writing a definition argument. For some reason, students seem to find that extremely difficult.
Finally we are on to the film, and the topic of adaptation. I was looking forward to it, but it's the first time I've discussed the topic in my classes, so it's totally new for me, as for them.
On the personal scene, I took my dad out yesterday to Costco. He didn't think we should bring mom, since she was too out of it and might get hurt, and in any case, wouldn't get much from the experience.
It was very simple to zip from one place to another when I didn't have to worry about her, and he had a great time trying samples and looking at the products. My dad has always loved to shop.
We brought home a rotisserie chicken and some about-to-bloom daffodils for mom, and she was happy. I don't think she ever noticed we were gone.
Today my dad went to the Center by himself. We'll see how that went.

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marly said...

Smart: giving them a day to mull.

And you had a good day with your parents. All that seems fine. And if standards make people give up, so be it.

Remember Flannery O'Connor on writing and colleges!