Friday, March 12, 2010

First Day of Break

Today has been a beautiful day. I've gone to yoga class, to the farmer's market, shopping, and finished up some things that have languished over the past few months.
Now what I'd like to do during this break, besides go to the zoo and tonight to a concert with R, is to try out that new Asian Dumpling cookbook I bought a couple of months ago, perhaps as a sort of dumpling party with friends, who would all try to produce the recipes in that book. They look so good, and I love dumplings! I have never been good at presentation though, crimping edges, neatly making little packages of food that don't leak or get distorted in the cooking. This is the time to try it again, with a book that has detailed and clear instructions and photos. Anyone up for this?


Anonymous said...

Nice idea, Robbi; hope you find friends who want to make dumplings.

Robbi said...

Me too.