Sunday, March 7, 2010

Film Series

Last night I showed the great film Double Indemnity, by Billy Wilder, in the film series. No one but us (and Liz) came to the showing. But we still enjoyed the film. It's nice to see it on a big screen. If only I could hear better, I would catch all the great lines, though.
It has been quite difficult having my uncle at the house... not because it's hard to be a hostess, but because he is so very very depressed that it is oppressive to be around him, as he goes around in circles, knowing he is depressed but unwilling or unable to do anything about it.
He is trying to go on dating services online, but once women read his profile, they don't want to be around him, probably for the same reason it's hard for the rest of us to be around him.
Every time I talk to him, I realize there is nothing anyone can do to help another person if that person isn't ready to be helped or willing to help himself.


Lou said...

Online dating services? Oh that poor man.

Robbi said...

Actually, I know lots of people who have used J-Date. One even married the guy she met. They are reasonably happy. But the problem is that no one wants to take on a person who is morbidly obsessed with his dead wife's suicide and keeps repeating that there is no meaning in the world. He needs to talk to a therapist and get meds from a psychiatrist.