Monday, March 8, 2010

On our Own Again

My uncle just left for my parents' house. He's taking them out to breakfast at MacDonald's.That's another thing: he's quite cheap because he's trying to save money for my mentally handicapped cousin. She has Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. It is a very difficult position to be in.
I put everything straight and started a load of wash. Soon I will go off to work at the Center.
I went to a big furniture consignment place in Laguna Niguel yesterday and decided I need never worry about finding furniture again. They didn't have the kind of bed I wanted, but I left my name and phone number, asking that I be called if they get a queen sized storage bed, or at least a platform bed. Their furniture was really nice. I will probably buy a few pieces when I finally buy a bed and have it delivered. It won't even need much assembling.
I found that Big Lots also has good quality furniture, but no platform beds right now.

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