Thursday, March 4, 2010


This afternoon, my uncle arrives from Maryland for a visit. He generally comes a few times a year, since he is pretty much alone and has no particular responsibilities. He is my father's half-brother, and they are very closing, speaking every day on the phone. Although he is very very depressed and will not go to a psychiatrist for medication, which he has needed pretty much all of his life but especially now, since his wife killed herself some 4 years ago, I enjoy seeing him because he is essentially a nice person and also because he helps me immeasurably when he is here.
For example, tomorrow we will take both of my parents to UCI for doctor's appointments and procedures, something I would have a hard time doing without him. In fact, I scheduled my father's ultrasound and my mother's appointment for the same time, so he could take my dad to the scan and I could take my mother to the appointment simultaneously.
I don't know exactly where he is going to sleep though. He didn't want to sleep on the sofa bed, an old flabby futon, because it is out in the living room, and I never bought an airbed, which I had been thinking of doing, because of the cats. The good airbeds, ones likely not to be scratched to bits by the cats, and with a built in air pump, are very expensive, and I would have had to order one via the Internet. By the time I did the research, it was too late to do that, so he is either going to sleep on the couch or take the mattress off the futon and drag it into Jeremy's old room and put it on the floor.
To tell the truth, I was nervous about him sleeping in the cats' room (that's how I think of it now) because of Shadow, who cannot be cured of her habit of defecating on the floor several times per day. Though, thankfully, the bout of diarrhea the cats were suffering all last week has ended, it is bad enough without that for a guest. I'm sure that's how Shadow, otherwise a sweet, lovely, affectionate little cat, ended up in rescue, and the vet says there is nothing we can do about it now.
I am hoping I can get to my yoga classes this weekend. For at least one of them, I hope to drag him with me, if he's willing, but I do not want to skip class. He can visit with Jeremy or with my parents while I am in class, or stay home with Richard.


Lou said...

LOL Sometimes I think of your place as the cats' apartment!

Rebel Girl said...

Good luck!

Robbi said...

Yes Lou, you are right. Certainly that is the cat's room, at least.