Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Whatever Happened To the Yoga Poems?

The other day, Lou asked what happened to the yoga poems. I am still trying to find an artist to take on the task of doing illustrations for them. Until then, it seems, no one aside from a few yoga aficionados understands what I am trying to do with them. When I read them to an audience that usually enjoys my poems, it was to blank stares. Very few people, except for those I know do yoga, commented on them. The rest were puzzled. It is frustrating. However, I have sent them out to a contest anyway, and to numerous journals. Except for the headstand poem (everyone knows what headstand is!), which will be published one of these days by Qarrtsiluni, probably as the last poem in their Health issue (currently running), no one has taken one of these poems individually. I will keep trying to send them out singly and collectively and to find an artist.


marly said...


Have you tried yoga-related venues?

Robbi said...

Yoga places don't publish poems, and they would be wasted there anyway. It would be like sending poems to Tropical Fish Hobbyist, which I did, back in my tropical fish days. They rejected them, and sent a note on how to write limericks.

Lou said...

I agree that the poems rely on images of the positions to fully realize the power of the words.

Robbi said...

Yes. It seems that is so. Perhaps I could get permission of the people whose photos I use in the blog to use them? Probably not all of them... there's also the little photos on Iyengar's website, but they are not too good about giving permission to use images for most purposes. Perhaps this would be different?