Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Orchestra Poem

Here is an afterthought from the concert the other night.
The World is a Sound
From the bulbous innards of trombones
and from the sinuous caverns of bass fiddles.
From the lithe length of the flute and the
apologetic slant of the bass fiddle, treading
on everyone’s toes, the orchestra
plays the world. This no doubt
is the sound of the first day:
the conductor scraping his baton
on the podium, the guys in percussion
drumming their fingers on the pages,
impatient for the day to begin.


Lou said...

How good to be able to respond to an experience with a poem. This reminds me to ask where your yoga poems are at the moment.

Robbi said...

I still have not found an artist. I sent out a copy of the poems anyhow to a chapbook contest Marly recommended, with a note that photos of the asanas could be found online or in books by B.K.S. Iyengar. I have sent a notice to UCI's MFA in studio art program to be posted there and another to the Iyengar Institute to be published in the newsletter or posted at the Institute or both.
If you have anymore ideas, I'd appreciate them.