Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday in the afternoon

I ended up taking my parents to a charity consignment store right off Crown Highway. Everything was 50% off, and we bought lots of things, including (me) a lurid green purse, to celebrate the season. Then we drove down to Laguna, ate at Scandia Bakery, and went across the street to the beach to hang out and play with the parrots a fellow on the beach had. I think he was expecting a tip for telling us about them, but I didn't oblige. There were lots of people who posed with them for pictures who paid up though, so I didn't feel bad. I had just laid out big money for ice cream cones across the street and had no cash to speak of left.
Though there were the usual squabbles between my dad and I over driving, everything went pretty smoothly and it was a great day. We even got a choice spot on Forrest Ave. practically in front of the bakery! Lucky us.

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