Thursday, May 20, 2010

Almost done with this semester

I have two more papers to grade this semester, and then I have some thinking to do about grades. Technically speaking, there are some people whose numbers say they fail, but I might not fail them. And there's a person who got an A on every paper whose number gives him a C+--a C at our school because we have no plusses or minuses. I can't see giving the guy a C. Of course, he did himself out of an A by not doing a lot of his homework and missing classes, but I will probably give him a B. And there's at least one who failed, according to his numbers (a D+) who I will boot up to a C. Another one failed because he constantly turned in his work late, and I wouldn't take his previous paper. I have to decide whether to make him pay for that with failure for the whole class. It wouldn't hurt, truth be told, for him to get more practice on learning how to go to college. He needs that practice because he sure doesn't know how now. But I imagine he'll be taking plenty more classes, even if he passes this one. He'll have to learn to pay attention to assignments and rules in those classes. His illness (sickle cell and probably also Tourette Syndrome)kept him out of class for some of that time, so it depends how much I want to let him slide because of these disabilities. I told him though that he definitely needs to go to DSP&S for help next semester. Unfortunately, there isn't going to be anyone testing people at the college for disabilities this summer. But in the fall, he can get tested.

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