Saturday, May 8, 2010

Silly Saturday

My Saturday started early, at the Farmers Market with dad. Then I went to Laguna to yoga class, with my very pregnant Brazilian teacher, Isabella. She is a very gifted teacher, and I always learn something new when I study with her.
I met someone at yoga that struck me in some ways as a younger (much younger) version of me. She is clearly from a Jewish background, and has the same long, straggly, curly hair that I used to have at that age. She said she grew up in Northern New Jersey, near New York, same region of the world I come from, though not identical. She is a dancer, and is writing a memoir, an "inspirational memoir" she said, about how she overcame her difficulties. At her age, which is probably late 20s, I thought that a bit ridiculous, but I didn't say anything of course, but just listened. After all, I don't know what it was she overcame, and maybe her triumph is quite noteworthy after all.
Despite yoga and all my best efforts, I am a bit frazzled these days. I have three times in the past two weeks dropped my car keys inside the car without noticing it, and of course, locked the door behind me, making it necessary to call Richard to bail me out. Today, I had $66. worth of frozen food and meat in the trunk at the time, so I begged Richard to overcome his anger and come help me, given that I was only about 5 minutes from the house by car.
I'm trying to make it out of this semester in one piece, with my car keys, in time to put all my groceries in the fridge!


Lou said...

Here's a tip. I have my car key on a rubbery, spiral band that I can slip over my wrist--and I do.

Robbi said...

I have mine on a snap-shut leather band that I attach (usually) to the strap of my purse. But lately, I have been doing it haphazardly, and it falls off. So I bought a new purse, with a pouch dedicated just to my keys, or at least, I decided that's what it is going to be.