Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have not been over to see my parents this week as of yet, but I have heard nearly every day from nurses and doctors about my mother. Today I tried to call the orthopedic surgeon because the day that was scheduled for me to take my mother back to have her stitches out (next Monday) is when I must be in class giving back drafts and discussing them with students. It is my official exam day. Also, I thought it would be impossible to take her there, given that she cannot sit up or put weight on her leg and her blood pressure is awful, very high.
The doctor's office insists that she must go in an ambulance, and I must either take off work or find someone else to accompany her, so I am trying desperately to find out what time the appointment is, since I cannot find the appointment sheet the hospital gave me and the nurse who left a message didn't tell me. In fact, both nurses and receptionists insisted my mother did NOT have an appointment that they could see at all. So I am now unsure of how this will be settled. First I must speak with nurses and physician's assistants who saw her today and ask their opinion whether that will be possible or wise or whether it may endanger her life. Then I can call the doctor back and pass along this information and find out what time the appointment is, and line up transportation and a caregiver to accompany her. Sigh.

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