Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Little Death on a Spring Day

So far, my parents are still chugging along. My mom had another operation last night, the last (we hope), closing the wound and removing the apparatus that keeps her tethered to the hospital. In a few days, if we are lucky, I will take her home to the board and care, where I hope the caregivers will be able to keep her safe, keep her from re-breaking the leg, or breaking the other, or killing herself in some other way.
But I heard of the impending death of a yoga friend, Kathy Ricci. Kathy is an inspiring person, an Iyengar yoga teacher I had never really spoken to until I received notice that she was fighting a case of incurable cancer. This went on for years. Kathy was buoyant, she fought on, despite lack of insurance, since she could no longer teach yoga of course. Her friends cared for and supported her. They lived with her and made sure she had everything she needed. I wrote her supportive notes on email, and attended a workshop benefit for her this past year that raised thousands of dollars for her medical care.
She has gone onto hospice, and it is expected that she will die within about 10 days. Though I really didn't know her before all this started, I feel as if I am losing a friend who has taught me about how to face the ultimate loss staunchly and with hope.

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