Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sweet Relief

This morning, just as I finished writing my earlier post, the phone rang. It was Jeremy, who sounded somewhat out of it and tired. He was at the Kaiser medical center he said, about to have emergency surgery. That's when I began to lose it, and he put the surgeon on.
The surgeon told me he was going to have to operate immediately on Jeremy because of a congenital problem. I hung up the phone, apparently before they were ready for me to do it, and called work, where I was due in about an hour, saying I wasn't going to be coming in.
We don't have Kaiser, but I was glad that Jeremy, who has not visited a doctor for years, being resistant to doctors, went to the hospital when he was in pain. We have insurance, so it will just be a matter of sending the insurance the bill, and seeing how much they are willing to cover.
The important thing is, he is fine. And intact. Overall, we were lucky.
We tried to keep him at our house with us at least overnight, but he wouldn't stay. He went home with food, new clothes, instructions, and medication, as soon as I was able to get him to promise to call me if he felt ill or needed help. He is overly ambitious, and says he feels fine, but the fact is, he just had surgery! He's 19, thinks he's immortal, but I'm hoping he'll be willing to go back to the doctor now for check ups.


Lou said...

Well good grief! What a thing to happen! I am so glad that Jeremy is okay and that this problem was finally attended to.

Rebel Girl said...

Oh my, Robbi. What a day. Geez. I don't even know what to say~

Robbi said...

Thanks guys. I learned that when Richard left Jeremy off at his house, he was sitting on the front doorstep because he--get this--does not have and never has had a key to his own house that he pays rent for and is on the lease of! So I had another fit, and sent Richard off to see if he has gotten into the house. If he hasn't, Richard has instructions to bring that boy back here, however he has to manage it.