Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yesterday afternoon was the first real hint of summer we had here. Of course, I spent most of it cooped up inside with students. It is nearing the end of the semester, and I have a set of papers (THE dreaded bunch of papers I've been complaining about) coming in tomorrow. Then, in a week or so, another set of papers--the other half of the assignment, involving the film they studied. On one hand, I think the students are mostly more enthusiastic about the film half. They mostly chose these pairs for the films, which they had seen more than once. But they have not done the research, and I don't have time to help all of them do that. Two students at least didn't even do the research for the first half, and I probably won't be getting any papers from them. One student did the research, with my help, but clearly has no clue what any of it means at all. He will fail, but probably needs another semester of practice at any rate. I will be glad to have this semester done, and the opportunity to start fresh with the 6 week summer classes, which are hard work, but clean. I know how to proceed, though I will be teaching some material I have never taught before. I know the path.

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