Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another busy Sunday

This morning I did a few last minute things on my Blackboard site for the class, sent an email to my new students, asking them to download the syllabus and information handout for the class instead of having it copied, three days late. Then I went to see my mother. I stopped at Trader Joe's and brought her a big beautiful pot of pink Italian heather. I had never seen that before, and I thought she might find it cheerful.
When I arrived, they were still serving breakfast, but the caregiver told me that my mother wouldn't eat a thing. I tried my hand at it, but I have to say that what they gave her was not at all appetizing. At least they could have given her some chocolate pudding. She could eat that, and they could give her her pills that way. And it at least has milk in it, so it isn't so non-nutritious. The hospital had also given her scrambled eggs, but this place won't do that. They won't try to give her hot tea by teaspoon either--too much trouble I guess. I started to think that if they put her on an IV because she won't eat, I am not sure how much longer I will allow that to go on.
She is refusing to eat, and I suppose that is her last choice. Maybe it is just because they won't give her anything she likes though. At least they could try that.
I did find out a doctor had seen her, but that person didn't call me.
After that, I went to Denise's yoga class in Mission Viejo. She is leaving for India till September, and I will miss her.Then I hied myself over to Laguna for Bob's 3 1/2 hour Chinese internal martial arts workshop. It is not really the kind of thing I usually go out for, but he was so insistent, I signed up. Then Liz and I went out for Chinese food at Chef Chen (yum). Richard was doing the big read by computer. Now he's eating the Chinese food I brought home for him.

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