Sunday, May 2, 2010

Daily Report

After yoga class, I stopped off to see dad and to bring him last week's Sunday New York Times. I do that every week. But today, the caregiver told me that dad has needed oxygen the past two nights, and can no longer walk freely around the grounds. He must be wheeled, and the caregiver takes care of his plants and worms. It tells me that he will probably not be with us much longer, which saddens me, of course. Also, I am worried because if he goes first, most of the money we get for their care will be cut off, and we will be left mostly the money we got for selling their house. Then my mom will have to go to a medicare place, where she will definitely not get the level of care that she gets here.
She was much better today. Her eyes were open, and she was talking, though she didn't make much sense. She was glad to see us, particularly dad, who I wheeled close to the bed so they could hold hands. She had food there, but will not feed herself. I could see that someone had been feeding her a little of the mush on the plate. She was having trouble swallowing, so they chopped everything up very fine, no pieces bigger than those in baby food for one year olds.
Weds. she has another surgery. I will probably not be able to go see her again before that time.

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