Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Torahton Redux

The Torahthon was a hoot. 54 people stood up and did their shticks on a particular piece of Torah they had been assigned. Some did comedy routines, some limericks (one memorable 5 year old boy, for instance), one sang, another brought props such as a piece of burnt toast to represent the temple's "burnt offerings" and bbq sauce to show something about the world's first bbq sanctioned by the Torah when the priests at the temple divvied up their piece of the sacrificed animals, and a couple did raps. I was the only one who attempted a real interpretation in my 60 or so seconds. But it was funny, inspiring, inspirational, and above all, a fascinating romp through the world's strangest book. We are the first synagogue to attempt this, apparently, and others are watching with interest. We will probably be on You-Tube! Stay tuned!


Lou said...

You so need times of relief like this!

marly said...

Sounds rollicking!

Robbi said...

That's true Lou! If it weren't at night, I would have asked you to come.
It was a fun time.