Saturday, May 1, 2010


Shabbat notwithstanding, Saturday is always a very busy day. My dad wants to go to the farmer's market near U.C.I., where he eats up everything with his eyes, and samples things for real as well. And now that my mom is in the hospital, I need to go visit her. On top of that, there is a yoga class in Laguna in the early afternoon with a very good teacher, Isabella. She is pregnant, so I take advantage of as many of her classes as I can before she will not be able to teach for a while. This is her second child. She has a 2 year old as well, and lives far from the studios were I usually study, in San Clemente.
The morning had a tough start. I got up early, so I could do everything, even though Richard offered to take my dad to the market. But when I stopped at the bank to get money for the market, which accepts only cash, I dropped my keys in the front seat, and didn't notice until I came back and wanted to open the door. There they were, inside the locked car. I called Richard, and he took his time getting there. By the time I got into the car, it was too late for me to do everything I had planned, so Richard took my dad to the market after all. I hear they had a good time.
My mom again didn't recognize me and didn't acknowledge the very violet irises I brought her. I put her glasses on her... they had been sitting beside her on the table. The nurses told me they were concerned about her high blood pressure, but also that she was eating very well. She enjoyed the pancakes and eggs they fed her this morning.
I finally met up with the doctor who has been trying to get me since she was admitted. Apparently, I didn't get most of his messages, only the first one, from the ER, and after she was admitted, I didn't bother to call him back. So he was glad to see me.
Then I drove down to Laguna and had a wonderful class, where I learned some new moves. On the way back, I went grocery shopping, and now I am going to make dinner. I'm showing the last movie in the Adaptation series tonight. Several people have told me they saw it advertised, so maybe some will show up. I won't hold my breath.


Anonymous said...

what class # are you showing the movie this evening, and what time?


marly said...

Too bad about the keys, but it sounds like a good day otherwise... Your mother will no doubt have good and bad days to come, and the main thing is that you've done so well by her and still recognize her!

Robbi said...

Yes Marly! I still recognize her, even if she doesn't recognize me.
I have to confess though that I want to spend more time with my dad than with my mom at this point.
Beth, Room P-0, right next to Kaplan and the staff parking lot (8A). We start at 7.