Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Weird Day

It was a confusing and weird day. First, the Internet would not work this morning. I had to stay home from yoga and troubleshoot it on the phone with Cox. Then I went to class and added the people who were there last time and a new person. I gave people their scores on the diagnostic back, and discussed in detail the prompt and sample essays. Some people who got low scores dropped the class, as usual, and some, who should have, didn't.
I was feeling bent out of shape and anxious because of my mom. I was worried about the fact that my Power of Attorney doesn't official cover health care, but I need not have worried. A talk with my friend in yoga class, who is a lawyer, cleared everything up, and I will download conservateurship (sp?) papers and take them in. That will solve the problem. Another yoga friend, who is a speech therapist who has worked with the elderly, told me I could give my mom a date shake, which would be tasty and very good for her, particularly if I use almond milk rather than regular milk. So on Friday, or maybe even tomorrow, I will go to my dad's house and make one and take it over for her.
That brings me to the weird part. I was so bent out of shape and worried that I forgot it was Tuesday, and I was supposed to go to Torah class today! I went to Laguna after class, totally forgetting that, and didn't realize the mistake till I got there. By the time I got home, having not eaten all day, it was too late. So I'm sorry Michelle, if you're tuned in!


Michele said...

We missed you but you have been swamped with other concerns!

Robbi said...

Thanks. I needed that yoga class!