Friday, May 7, 2010

If It's Friday, the Phone Must Be Ringing

Today I took the cat back to the vet, where I learned he caught a virus, which is causing him to sneeze. The vet gave me a prescription to pick up at a human pharmacy, an over the counter allergy medication, and hypoallergenic pill pockets to hide the pill in. But I never got to buy it.
I was too busy first grading the awful essays, some of them research essays with two sources, instead of the very reasonable 5 sources I requested. Then I made samples to discuss with the class, and by that time, it was time to go pick up my mother at the hospital. Only I thought better of it. How on earth would I get her in and out of the car without re-injuring her leg? So I asked that she be taken home in an ambulance, and that didn't happen for 4 hours after I arrived in the hospital, after the surgeon visited and rewrapped the wound, with my help, and the nurse changed her gown (I forgot to bring her clothes), and after I signed the release paper and got medication and on and on and on... you all know how it goes in hospitals, which are like casinos in that they are meant to remain twilight zones, without time.
But finally, she got home, and I left her propped in bed eating her mushed up dinner, happy and comfortable, smiling again.


Lou said...

hang in there. You are doing better than fine.

Robbi said...

Thanks Lou. You too.

Robin said...

At least you got your mother home happy and smiling. That says a lot for the quality of care and love you give her.

Robbi said...

Thanks Robin. The board and care sure helps! They are so wonderful!