Friday, May 14, 2010


As I may have said earlier, the nurse practitioner from UCI Med Ctr. has determined that my mom needs to go to a rehab facility and that her care is too much for the board and care to handle. Consequently, I now have the problem of transporting her to the rehab center because she cannot sit in a car or put weight on her leg.
The ACCESS bus for seniors won't transport her, they say, unless I measure and weigh the wheelchair with her in it. So I went to the house and did the next best thing, adding her weight from a recent doctor's visit to the weight of the wheelchair. But they won't take her tomorrow anyhow because it is too late to call for a ride. So I have to find another service that will take her, and the only one I know of doesn't answer the phone.
Meanwhile, I am feeling sick. It seems I have some kind of sinus infection or something that is making my head and ears hurt. This makes everything much more difficult to deal with.
I let off some steam by screaming as loud as I could. It just made my throat hurt. I don't feel any better. I guess I will figure something out.


Lou said...

Did you find a place that will accept her?

I am so sorry that you are now under the weather! That makes shouldering all this nearly impossible.

Robbi said...

Yes. She is going to Country Villa, next to Saddleback Hospital, but I am very sorry I didn't allow her to go to a rehab center straight from the hospital, though this is definitely a better place than the one to which they were going to send her, at least according to the caregiver.
I got a transportation company to take her. I just need to find out now whether I can go to yoga class and relax, which I sorely need, or whether I must be there when she checks in. Of course, it might be a good idea to have someone there, just because mom will be kind of confused and freaked out.
When I saw her today, clad in her blue knit dress from Kohl's, her arms were so skinny, and she looked so sick and fed up, but mom to the end, she asked about us, whether we were all okay, instead of complaining about herself. When she's lucid, I remember who she is, who she has always been.

Anonymous said...

Who did you release your steam at?


Robbi said...

I think I dumped on Richard, and he is mad as hell.

Rebel Girl said...

take care~~~~

Robbi said...

Got her there. I'm leaving to go see the play.

marly said...

No dumping, Robbi! Go scream into a drain, go yell at a flower... Tell Richard that sometimes things are too hard to bear. Pax tecum. xo

Robbi said...

You're right Marly. I did just that. He got over being angry, and took me to my parents' place yesterday morning to see to getting mom moved to the nursing home.